Our training courses

A unique arrangement enabling the acquisition and application of the world's best negotiating skills. Exceptional learning process combining seminars, practical work, and negotiating software ensuring the excellence of the agreements negotiated by your company.

  • Negotiation Expert

    2 x 2 days

    A complete training and support program from preparation to running the negotiation, with an immediate operational implementation both in technical terms (knowledge) and behaviour (interpersonal skills). At the end, participants will be able to face every negotiating situation encountered in their business.

  • "Arguments" Booster

    2 days

    After the Negotiation Expert training, this seminar has been designed to develop deeper skills in preparing and using high level arguments systems, based on Indexed Content Management. This exclusive technology considerably increases the impact of what is said to the other party by your negotiators to defend their position, regardless of the language used.

  • "Conduct" Booster

    2 days

    After the Negotiation Expert training, this seminar has been designed to develop additional skills in managing the conduct of a negotiation. Your negotiators will learn in particular to optimise time pressure based on their interests, and to use the 7 types of negotiation suspensions appropriately.

  • "Strategy" Booster

    2 days

    After the Negotiation Expert training, this seminar was designed to develop additional skills in determining an effective negotiating strategy regardless of the balances of power present. In particular, your negotiators will know how to develop a negotiating basis favourable to their interests to bring the other party to an unfavourable negotiating context.

  • Managing negotiators

    2 days

    Designed for managers, this training course, like no other in the world, provides specific tools for managing teams, making it possible to evaluate their own role during a negotiating process and to create a diagnosis of the skills of their own team regarding the mastery of tools, techniques, and methods. In order to increase the negotiating performance of each of their employees.

  • Negotiating on the right path

    1 day

    Knowing and using the legal context to improve the agreements negotiated, all while securing the negotiating practices. This seminar helps to strengthen the negotiators' determination in a complex legal framework. It also enables them to seize new negotiating techniques in this framework that strengthen their position.

  • Our tools

    Inductive Number Software Implementation

    Over 60% of the time is dedicated to exercises and role-playing sessions in an environment of participants.

    Each training session cannot be longer than 8 personnes, enabling each participant to benefit from customised recommendations made by the consultant.

    After their training session, each participant will have one year of supervised monitoring, accessible through our Internet platform: Net-Assistance. This includes 3 services :
    • Access to the training course and the full contents of the training session.
    • Personalised assistance by Visio or WebEx.
    • Access to Sirius, our negotiating preparation and management software.

    Arcante Group has developed Sirius, a totally new programme for preparing and managing the conduct of negotiations, accessible via smartphone, tablet, and computer. It ensures the implementation of the tools acquired in the training session within the company.

Finally, our company is validated on DataDock. We fully comply with the criteria and demands of the "Décret Qualité" of the June 30th 2015 and are therefore compliant by all financing entities for professional trainings.