As either a discreet adviser or an authorised representative, Arcante is actively involved with each of its clients until the agreement to be built reaches a successful outcome.

We work for and with our clients to develop the most brilliant negotiation strategies for them, help them implement these strategies from an operational perspective, assist them in preparing and conducting the negotiations, and we steadfastly support them until the conclusion of an agreement that is favourable to their interests.

Negotiation strategy consulting

We develop new negotiation strategies for our clients that have high added value

A successful strategy carries the negotiations to a stage that is favourable to the interests of the party that developed it. This makes it possible for the client not to be subjected to the negotiation but rather to take the lead and take the initiative. This is the keystone of a successful negotiation.

Developing the best negotiation strategy for our client requires the mastery of powerful and reliable tools as well as a thorough experience of negotiations in the client’s field.

We work as a team with our client in an organised and enthusiastic manner

To this end, we use our unique Design Deal© process, which leverages our exclusive negotiation technology and the talents of our consultants, who are seasoned professional negotiators, and experts in our client's field.

First, it is vital to understand the power relations between the parties, to identify the culture of each of their organisations when faced with conflicting interests, and to evaluate the interests that unite them and the intensity of their cooperation.

Then, we must evaluate the convergences and divergences between the parties, to estimate their willingness and ability to compromise. We must also weigh the various options in the event of a breakdown in the negotiation, as well as the possible risks of retaliation or conflict with the other party.

This information allows us to construct the best foundation for the negotiation, in alignment with our client's interests, in order to reach an agreement with the other party. Finally, we must determine the most appropriate way to begin the negotiations in order to implement the foundation and strategy we have developed together.

analyse the forces at play and the intensity of their relationship
determine the most appropriate negotiation strategy
develop the initiative mode for the negotiation
map out the scope of the negotiation and set the objectives
build the appropriate basis for negotiation, its content and outline
establish how the base will be presented to the other party

Negotiation tactic consulting

We assist our client's negotiating team with rigour and goodwill

A successful negotiation, which we view as the creation of a stable agreement that commits the other party while preserving the interests of the company we are advising, is the result of acquired expertise and a mastery of technology.

Arcante has developed an organised set of negotiation tools, techniques and methods, and an advanced technology that is renowned worldwide. Our consultants work alongside our client's negotiating team, to provide reassurance, act as a sounding board, and act as a permanent support through every negotiation situation.

We assist our client's negotiating team throughout every stage of the negotiation process, from its preparation to its conclusion. This is done by deploying our four-step Process Deal© method, and we ensure that our consultant is available for our client at all times throughout the negotiation process.

We work alongside our client's negotiating team with high standards and dedication

We identify and prepare the most effective tactics to be used for each topic on the agenda. We construct the most effective negotiation scenario according to the constraints and context of the negotiation. We train them in powerful postures and bold argumentation framework to use when the team is across the table from other party.

01Determine the best negotiation tactic for each objective.

04Construct the mandates, their distribution and build the Off channel.

07Assign roles within the team.

02Organise the objectives and establish the negotiation agenda.

05Calculate and manage time-related pressure depending on the tactic.

08Choose postures that are consistent with the tactic.

03Prepare the positions for each objective according to the chosen tactic.

06Plan the phases of the negotiation and the breaks.

09Prepare and deploy argumentation frameworks.

Representation in negotiations

We also offer represent our client's interests in negotiations with its partners. We can be an integral part of our client’s negotiating team by acting as an expert observer of the negotiation with the other party. Arcante is the only negotiation consultancy firm who assumes responsibility for this type of mission.

This type of service is clearly defined through the engagement letters, which include–in addition to the usual provisions–specific clauses, such as the limitation of the mandate, the exclusivity of intervention or the private protection of the consultant.

Negotiator's mandate

We defend our client's interests at the negotiating table with the other party by deploying all of our skills and experience in strategy, tactics, techniques, postures and argumentation framework.

With our client, we draw up a scoping letter that defines the nature of the delegation of power, the expected objectives, the fracture lines and the breaking points of the mandate, any possible escalation systems for the mandate, the material conditions under which the mandate will be carried out, the way in which the mandate will be presented to the other party, as well as how the execution of the mandate will be supervised. In compliance with the terms of this scoping letter, Arcante will then negotiate with the other party on behalf of its client.

Expert-observer’s mandate

We will join your negotiating team at the table with the other party and we provide them, either directly or during breaks, with specific recommendations on how to conduct the negotiations and their progress, in particular regarding the postures and argumentation framework to be used.

Our recommendations are drawn from various resources, including a new negotiation technology that is highly effective: Gestion Indicielle de Contenu (Content Index Management) (GIC©). This allows us to determine if our client is heading towards an agreement with the other party that at any point during the negotiation, to anticipate the risk of a breakdown, and assess the optimisation of the future agreement based on our client’s interests. As a true watchdog during the negotiations, our expert-observer consultant is the control tower for our client's negotiation team.