The best professional negotiators dedicated to each of our clients

Our consultants are thrilled to play a role in our clients' negotiations! They advise and support them, with goodwill and dedication, to help them construct unique agreements with their partners.

These true craftsmen-creators of agreements are the masters builders of each mission entrusted to them and are responsible intuitu personae for its success and our client’s entire satisfaction.

This is only possible because, since Arcante’s creation, we have chosen not to entrust any of our missions to junior consultants, nor to use external consultants or subcontract them to independent service providers.

All our consultants are Project Managers, and they are exclusive and permanent employees of Arcante. They are experienced professional negotiators, world-class speakers, recognised experts in their fields, and they form a solid, exceptionally talented community. They work both in France and throughout the world to better serve our clients.

Our Project Managers

Arnaud Dambreville

Distribution - Consumer goods - Agri-foodstuffs - Health and medical equipment

Eric Mussault

Logistics - Banking and Insurance - Mining and Petroleum - Construction and Infrastructure

Fotios Konstantinidis

Grande consommation - Équipements industriels - Santé

Jean Baptiste Houzet

Industrial equipment - Chemistry and pharmaceutical - Agri-foodstuffs - Textile

Jean-Maxence Belquin

Defence and Aerospace - Industrial equipment - Automotive - Technology and telecommunications

Laurent Plantevin


Olivier Loridant

Distribution - Luxury - Agri-foodstuffs - Restaurant

Paul-Henri Plantevin

Distribution - Agri-foodstuffs - Consumer Goods - Automotive

Samuel Aguilar

Distribution - Consumer Goods - Energy - Logistics