We constantly strive to provide unparalleled value to our clients.

We have developed the most efficient professional negotiation model to ensure that we’re able to deliver on our promise. We help our clients deploy our unique model to reach ambitious goals in the agreements they sign with their partners around the world. We follow a strict and irreproachable ethical approach in our work.

A novel approach to professional negotiations

Our mission is to provide our clients with spectacular results. In our experience, the traditional approaches to negotiation–reasoned negotiation, crisis negotiation, classic distributive bargaining–fail to deliver. They are out of touch with companies’ reality and are unsuited to the complexity of their business negotiations.

Negotiation in companies is most often takes place in the context of long-term relationships, which combine divergent and convergent interests between commercial, economic or social partners. For this reason, it is not possible to consider the other party as an adversary that must be defeated, a subject of one-off bargaining, or even as a benevolent ally.

This is why we have developed a new approach: Inclusive Negotiation©. It is the most advanced approach to professional negotiation in the field today, based on more than 20 years of experience as a consultant in the world of commercial, industrial and social negotiations within companies.

Our approach is neither all-or-nothing nor blindly dogmatic; it requires neither mistrust nor transparency between the parties in order to come to a mutually satisfactory agreement.

An exclusive negotiation technology

To concretely deploy our negotiating approach to serve our clients, we have developed a unique negotiating technology. This tool is exclusively ours, and we are fiercely proud of it. We do not delegate its use to third parties and we do not license it to any other company.

Our negotiation technology combines more than 50 negotiation tools, techniques and methods into a single pragmatic and effective model. It allows to prepare and lead professional negotiations, no matter the complexity or criticality. It is organised around 8 areas of expertise :


What are the balance of power, interest and dependence between the parties? Should the initiative for negotiation be taken? On what favourable basis?


What should the negotiation be about? What are the stakes and what is the difficulty for each objective? What is the agenda?


What scale for the position? What trajectory for concessions? Which system for concessions?


What are the dependencies between the objectives? What is the order of the objectives?


What is the context of the relationship between the parties? What combination of positions and structures should be used in this context?


What phases should be used in the negotiation? How can we optimise time-related pressure? Which breaks need to be scripted


What attitude should be adopted depending on the tactic? How should the team be organised?


What is the argumentation process for each objective? How to can we built relevant argumentation frameworks?

A Global Footprint

In order to honour our guarantee of excellence to every one of our clients, we provide them with the consultants who are best suited to the project, wherever they are in the world.

Our consultants travel all over the world and use modern communication tools that free them from geographical constraints.

Arcante has provided support to clients in 54 countries spread across 4 continents since its launch in April 2000.

Our multilingual, world-class, professional negotiators carry out assignments around the world to deliver exceptional results for our clients' negotiations.

As a result, Arcante has acquired incomparable international experience. We are intimately familiar with the intercultural issues involved in negotiations. We are able to plan for the consequences that may crop us during the preparation and conducting of the negotiations, and we work with multicultural teams with unique perspectives in order to build the strongest agreements with their international partners.

Irreproachable ethics

Negotiation consultancy requires a strict code of ethics and stringent rules of practice. The purpose of these high standards is to provide our clients with the guarantee that their best interests are respected in every mission we carry out, and that the confidentiality of the information they share with us is preserved. This is also the essential condition for the sustainability and growth of our practise.

Our code of ethics is based on three fundamental principles. They are neither debatable nor adaptable, and there is no room for compromise.


Our job is to construct agreements that are in our clients’ best interests.

The job of negotiation consultancy is not to defend the interests of one party against the other—that is the role of a lawyer. Our role is to come to an agreement with the other party by defending the interests of the party we are advising.


the specificity of our business means that we have access to confidential information about our clients, sometimes in areas that are protected for reasons of national interest.

In addition to the regular verifications we are subject to and the contractual provisions that are applicable to our engagement letters, we consider that all of the information provided by our clients is, as a matter of principle, confidential client information.


Our activity contributes to creating harmonious relationships between parties with differing interests in order to construct a prosperous and peaceful future.

Providing good negotiation advice thus requires a deep understanding of the parties involved. It is impossible to produce long-term, high-quality agreements for our client by ignoring–or worse, by disregarding–the objectives, constraints and beliefs of the other party.