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Le Conseil by Arcante is the professional negotiation advisory of the Arcante Group. It draws on the Arcante Group's negotiation technology and the expertise of its consultants who have managed similar negotiation issues.

Our areas of expertise to meet your negotiation challenges

  • Optimising the economic outcome of your negotiations

  • Make the right strategic, tactical, and organisational choices in advance of your negotiations

  • Make your negotiation preparations more reliable, simulate them with experts and correct them, if necessary, before going into action

  • Support your negotiating teams, complementing their expertise and making up for any lack of availability throughout the operational stages of the negotiation

  • Execute negotiations on your behalf under delegated management mandates

  • Develop the operational excellence of your negotiation organisation

  • Audit your negotiation organisation, processes, and tools in order to optimise them

Why should you choose Le Conseil by Arcante?

  • Because you will receive advice based on a reliable, effective methodology that has been recognised for over 20 years and that only Arcante consultants can mobilise
  • Because you will be assisted by consultants with over 20 years' experience and operational expertise in negotiation in your sector
  • Because you will benefit from a "360°" view of negotiation in your sector of activity

What does Conseil by Arcante offer?

Consulting by Arcante covers the entire negotiation lifecycle, from strategic formulation to operational execution, through its four service offerings:

  • Design & Build to develop and implement negotiation strategies and tactics tailored to your financial and operational challenges.
  • Assist to support your negotiators on a day-to-day basis, from the preparation to the conclusion of negotiations.
  • Operate to carry out negotiations as part of a delegated management mandate.
  • Audit & Transform to optimise your organisation, processes and negotiation tools.

"Design & Build" Approach

« Design & Build » is our offer designed to help you define and implement the best approaches for your annual negotiations or to deal with a negotiation issue specific to your economic environment: deflation or inflation demands, service levels, logistics discounts, mandatory annual negotiations, property negotiations, etc...

A 4-stage service:

Formalisation of the negotiation issues to be addressed on the basis of the business challenges expressed.

Formulation of strategic and tactical negotiation recommendations

Supervised simulations of the recommendations in order to fine-tune them

Documentation of strategies and tactics

« Design & Build » combines strategic recommendations with operational tactics, including the organisation of the negotiating team, negotiation plans, tools, KPIs and methodological support based on the Arcante Group's methodology. Arcante.

You will also be able to simulate the negotiation process with our consultants.

"Assist" Approach

« Assist » "Assist" is our offer designed to provide operational support for your negotiators as they deploy the negotiation strategy and tactics you have defined. 

A 4-stage service:

Help in preparing negotiation tactics using ARCANTE tools and methodology.

Assistance during the negotiation

On-the-fly adjustments to strategies and tactics

Assessment and results to anticipate and optimise future negotiations.

« Assist » helps you to optimise the economic balance de vos accords of your agreements through the rigorous deployment of your strategies,, while developing the negotiating skills of your teams. You will benefit from operational tactical recommendations that include all the documented tools of the Arcante methodology Arcante (definition of objectives, level scales, concessional trajectories, tactics, argument protocols, etc.).

You will be accompanied before and after each of your negotiation meetings, and tactical adjustments will be defined and implemented as you go along.

We will formalise the results of the negotiations with you in order to capitalise on the knowledge acquired and turn your team of negotiators into a learning organisation.

"Operate" Approach

« Operate » is the service dedicated to carrying out your negotiations under your mandate. Within the framework of a clearly defined engagement letter, we carry out all stages of the negotiation on your behalf, in complete transparency with the third party.

A 3-stage offer:

Joint preparation
of negotiations

Execution of negotiations during meetings with third parties

Review and outcome of negotiations to anticipate and optimise future negotiations.

« Operate » is designed to fill a one-off gap in negotiation resources or expertise. We act within the framework of a clear and perfectly defined mandate to defend your interests to the best of our ability, while respecting your negotiation strategy and existing relationships with third parties. We will ensure total transparency of exchanges so that you can monitor the progress of negotiations and react according to the results observed.. Nous assurerons une transparence totale des échanges afin de vous permettre de suivre l’avancée des négociations et de réagir en fonction des résultats constatés.

Our consultants are perfectly qualified to handle this delegated management of your negotiations, as they have held a similar role in their previous roles. They will therefore put this expertise and experience at your organisation's disposal to reach the best agreements on your behalf within the framework of your relationship with third parties.

"Audit & Transform" Approach

« Audit & Transform is an offering that draws on the Arcante Group's unique methodological expertise and cross-sector experience to take stock of your negotiation organisation and recommend areas for transformation.

With over 20 years' negotiating experience in a wide range of contexts and with organisations of all kinds in France and the main economic areas, we will be able to formulate transformation plans designed to bring your negotiating organisation up to the best practices implemented by the "best in class" in the field.

A 3-stage offer:

Audit organisationnel of your negotiation organisation
tools and skills

Identification of areas for transformation
de transformation

Formulation of a transformation plan 
in the form of a project plan

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We can also support you in the operational implementation of the transformation plan.

We'll put all the experience we've gained over many years working with a wide range of players in different sectors at your service, to help you structure and organise your negotiation unit more effectively and make it even more efficient.

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Industry experience

Mass retailer

After noticing that relations with its main international suppliers were too often limited to ongoing transactional negotiations, this major European retailer wanted to rebuild new forms of relationship that would generate strong added value, beyond the usual commercial agreements. It then asked Arcante Group to define new relationship strategies and initiate them with its major suppliers. At the end of this mission, nearly 80% of the targeted suppliers signed new partnership agreements with our client, generating growth in their commercial performance above that of their competitors and redefining in the long term a mode of collaboration that brings shared value and strengthens positions for consumers.

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 Consumer goods manufacturer

Our client had embarked on a policy of lowering its margins to preserve its listing and market share in a tense competitive environment. Despite its internal productivity efforts, this situation of economic deflation had become unsustainable, particularly in the face of rising commodity prices. It then called on Groupe Arcante to advise and support it in its annual price negotiations with its customers in order to reconcile the restoration of its margins and the preservation of its commercial positions with distributors with consumer sales prices. For the first time in several years, our client succeeded in concluding price increase agreements with all of its distributors, thus preserving and even improving its market position.

Automotive industry

Our client manages international tenders for the renewal and extension of its OEM contracts. It approached Groupe Arcante as part of a contract renewal with its main customer in a highly competitive market. Together with our client's international negotiation team, Groupe Arcante worked to define and execute an innovative negotiation strategy based on novel approaches and tools for professional negotiation. Groupe Arcante was involved in the entire tender process, from the analysis of the functional, technical and commercial specifications to the final negotiations of the last round. We provided tactical and technical support to the negotiating team until they won the tender, meeting their technical, contractual and financial objectives.

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Quality approach

The Arcante Group is committed to continuous improvement. The aim is to promote processes internally to achieve excellence.

We provide you with the best expert consultants, whose skills are regularly validated and developed to conduct the interventions and ensure their success.

We are committed to continuous improvement so that our clients can benefit from our latest developments.


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