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Arcante Group sets the benchmark in professional negotiation advisory and training thanks to its unique approach and its position as "Builders of Agreements" in the most complex negotiation environments. It combines an innovative and universal negotiation model, the inclusive negotiation©, in-depth knowledge of its clients' businesses and the associated challenges, and operational expertise thanks to its consultants who are experienced practitioners in their field.

This unique combination is used by the organisations we support in our training and operational and strategic advisory missions to enable them to build the best agreements within the framework of sustainable and harmonious relations with their stakeholders. The international and multicultural experience of the consultants allows them to be the relevant interlocutor for their clients, whatever the environment and the negotiation issues to be addressed.

Arcante Group has developed a recognised position in the market for its skills and unrivalled expertise.

Our advisory firm and four training organisations offer a comprehensive range of services and are able to provide answers to all professional negotiation needs for all types of organisations.

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Negotiation technology

Our technology, Inclusive Negotiation©, is the state of the art in professional negotiation. Created on the basis of 20 years of practical experience as a consultant in the world of commercial, industrial or social negotiations within companies, it enables our clients to achieve their ambitious objectives in the agreements they conclude with their partners.

Our negotiation technology combines about 50 tools, techniques and methods in a pragmatic and efficient model, organised in eight areas. It is unique and exclusive to us and allows us to prepare and conduct a professional negotiation whatever its complexity or criticality in order to obtain the best agreements.

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The Strategy

Analysis of the environment and negotiation approaches

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The Objectives

Stakes and negotiation difficulties

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The Positions

Room for manoeuvre and flexibility

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The Structures

Scheduling of negotiation objectives

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The Tactics

Optimal combination of positions and structures

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The Organisation

Planning the negotiation process

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The Attitudes

Negotiating roles and teams

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The Arguments

Management of interactions between the parties

An organisation dedicated to its clients

The Arcante Group trains and advises its clients within the framework of long-term relationships and, as such, many clients are loyal to us from one year to the next.

From the initial contact with our Business Development team, through the interaction with dedicated consultants for the needs analysis and the execution of services and supported by our Client Centre, the entire Group organisation is mobilised to ensure a seamless, value-added experience and to provide clients with the expertise and services they expect.

Industry experience

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Mass retailer

Faced with unprecedented price increases from its suppliers due to rising raw material and energy costs after years of deflation, our client must reconcile protecting its profitability with preserving consumer purchasing power. Arcante Group assists its Purchasing teams in the rigorous preparation and precise execution of their negotiations in order to best defend their interests while taking manufacturers' constraints into account. Arcante Group prepares buyers to conduct successful negotiation interviews in order to make them effective and relevant in conducting their negotiations on price, business plans and promotional activities.

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Consumer goods manufacturer

Although our client has a very strong brand awareness and a premium image, it has to take into account the consequences of price increases applied by its suppliers when managing consumer sales prices. Arcante Group assists the Purchasing Department in the preparation and execution of negotiations with suppliers by integrating detailed price breakdowns into the argumentation systems. The combination of Arcante Group's negotiation technology and analytical view of purchase prices provides a relevant and factual negotiation approach.


This Tier 1 equipment manufacturer operates in a highly competitive environment with highly volatile prices. Despite a strong technological and innovative offering, it faces significant pressure from OEMs, which puts the profitability of its global operations and its capacity for innovation at risk. Arcante Group supports Key Account teams in all global markets (Europe, Asia, Americas) in order to give them the tools and methods to manage their relationships with their clients on a sustained basis and to reach agreements at the expected levels. The training programmes are global and make it possible to build a community of practice and a common language across the Group's entities and countries for the hundreds of trainees trained each year.

Transport and logistics

Our client is a major player in transport and logistics in France and Europe. With expertise in all aspects of the supply chain, it is the leader in express transport and distribution. Subject to numerous inflationary and regulatory constraints such as 'green' traffic in urban areas, it strives to guarantee its customers the highest product distribution quality at the best cost. Each year, we help sector managers, branch managers and sales managers to defend their interests in the best possible way while respecting the necessary ecological transition.


Our client is a major energy infrastructure manager in France and has a critical public service mission for our country. The Social Affairs Department ensures a constant and creative social dialogue aimed at guaranteeing its thousands of employees the best working and development conditions in a strong regulatory environment. We have been supporting it for many years in its negotiations with the social partners in the context of changes in working conditions through the mandatory annual negotiations (NAO) and all other company agreements (teleworking, working hours, etc.).

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Mission & values

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Building a more harmonious world

Intégrity              Innovation                  Passion

Integrity     Innovation      Passion

                      Curiosity    Goodwill                 

 Curiosité       Bienveillance


The Arcante Group is committed to a corporate approach that aims to contribute to a more responsible, harmonious and sustainable world. The Group's CSR policy addresses five of the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN. It is translated into pragmatic actions with measurable effects. It is an integral part of the company's governance and each of its employees is personally involved in its implementation.

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