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L'Académie by Arcante is the training organisation of the Arcante Group dedicated to individual training in professional negotiation. L'Académie by Arcantr aims to raise to the highest level the professional negotiation skills of each of the participants in its courses.

Individual negotiation training

L'Académie by Arcante uses the Arcante Group's exclusive negotiation technology to deal with all negotiation situations in companies.

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Our training programmes

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Master Negotiation

A negotiation training programme, from technical preparation to negotiation management. Special emphasis is placed on the operational aspect, both on the technical level (know-how) and on the process level (expression skills). At the end of the course, participants will be able to deal with the majority of negotiation situations encountered in their company. Le programme couvrant l’intégralité de la technologie propriétaire Arcante.


Delivery 3 days

Location : Paris 

Next session

  • June 19-20-21, 2024
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Negotiation Fundamentals

This condensed programme is designed for anyone who has to conduct negotiations of moderate stakes and limited difficulty. It provides the essential tools for the technical preparation and conduct of a negotiation. At the end of this course, participants will be able to prepare their agenda, finely evaluate their margins for manoeuvre and their concessional systems, organise their various objectives and finally control the argumentation process for each negotiation objective.


Delivery 2 days

Location : Paris 

Next session

  • April 04-05, 2024
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Intensive training "Exploration"

Exploration session for people who did not follow an initial program. It focuses on intensive practice of negotiation skills close to real-life situations. Cases are prepared, simulated, filmed and then debriefed by our consultant, who brings theoretical support.


Delivery 1 day

Location : Paris

Next session

  • 2024 : TBD
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Intensive training and deepening

This program is designed for people who have already completed an initial program. It is centered on intensive practice of negotiation cases close to real situations experienced by trainees who have completed an initial program. Cases are prepared, simulated, filmed and then debriefed by our consultant. It is the opportunity to go over theoretical support of the initial program.

Delivery 1 or 2 day(s)

Location : Paris 

Next session

  • May 24, 2024
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The techniques and methods presented during our inter-company training courses are the subject of short presentations, extensively illustrated by concrete examples from real negotiations.

More than half of the training time is spent on applying the techniques and methods presented during simulated negotiation meetings. These meetings are based on scenarios describing situations similar to those experienced by the participants.

The day after the training, participants can apply the lessons learned to their daily negotiations.

Our training courses bring together a maximum of eight participants in order to encourage everyone to take part and learn the tools and techniques individually.

Our training systems

Classroom training

All our inter-company training courses are held in Paris or regionally in business centres with convenient access for participants and offering high-quality services. We ensure that the centres selected comply with the health protocol in force and are accessible to people with disabilities.

Our classroom-based inter-company training courses start at 9am and end at 6pm, including coffee on arrival, breaks and lunch. Lunches are organised in the form of meal trays.

Two weeks before the start of the course, participants receive an email with the teaching schedules and all logistical details.

Distance learning

L'Académie by Arcante also offers the option of following its distance learning courses from home or from your organisation without having to travel.

Distance learning courses have the same duration and programme as classroom-based courses. They are all delivered from our studios equipped with dedicated hardware and sophisticated video conferencing solutions. For participants, a computer with a Wi-Fi connection, a microphone and a webcam are all that is needed. Interactive tools enrich the exchange and sharing of experiences.

Our distance learning courses alternate between plenary sessions, workshops and individual meetings. The teaching quality of these courses is identical to that of classroom-based training.

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A certified quality standard

Since December 2021, Arcante Académie has been certified by Qualiopi for the following vocational skills development action categories: training actions.

This certification is a guarantee of absolute quality, from design to production, including the selection of participants, administrative management, reception, and training tools and materials.

L'Académie by Arcante's Qualiopi certification assures our clients of the following:

  • The relevance and continuous improvement of our training courses
  • Administrative support for all procedures related to the handling of training by your OPCO
  • A programme adapted to your needs and level
  • The professionalism of our training consultants
  • The quality of trainee follow-up

L'Académie by Arcante's Qualiopi certification assures our trainees of the following:

  • Financial support for their training
  • The professionalism of our training organisation and our training consultants
  • Simplified management of their career path

... a satisfaction guarantee

All participants in our training courses are satisfied with l'Académie by Arcante's services in accordance with the evaluation forms filled in at the end of the courses and analysed by our quality department :


of participants say that the training they received will facilitate their work


of participants would recommend our courses to others in the same business


of participants say they have had their questions about negotiation answered


Summary of the results obtained from participants in our training courses in 2021 in all business sectors on 10 quality criteria relating to content, teaching methods and delivery.


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