Our approach to social and environmental responsibility has been rewarded! EcoVadis, the global standard for CSR assessments, has awarded the Arcante Group a bronze medal in recognition of its achievements in the first year of implementing its CSR policy.

We now rank among the 100,000 companies in over 175 countries that EcoVadis audits each year.

This result rewards our initial efforts and marks a first step towards becoming an even more responsible company. To this end, we are continuing to develop the priorities that make up our CSR policy:

👉 Combating poverty and promoting economic development.
👉 Protecting the environment and contributing to decarbonisation.
👉 Ensuring equal opportunities at work.

Capitalising on the results of this first year and learning from its lessons, the Arcante Group will continue to contribute to the development of a better, more harmonious world!

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